What is a VCC?

A VCC is an acronym for Virtual Credit Card. These are exactly what they are – virtual credit cards. So let’s clarify and break it down word by word, shall we?


Virtual, because you don’t have to go to the bank to receive it (sometimes you still do though).


The credit part is not always true. You see, it can just be a prepaid card. A prepaid card is a debit card. If it actually is a credit card, you probably have to set a limit on it. After all, the main purpose of a VCC is to secure yourself from card theft and malicious merchant looking to steal your credit card details. If you don’t set a limit… yikes! That’s just asking for trouble.


It’s still a card. When paying online it’s pretty much the same thing – you got your card number, your expiry date and your CVV – the exact same details which are on a regular plastic card! The only difference is that, again, the card is virtual. Meaning you can’t go to an ATM to make a withdrawal or pay using it in a store because it doesn’t have the plastic body a regular credit or debit card does. So why do people buy those, even though there are fees with setting them up? We’ve already covered that in another article here.

So, to sum it up, it’s just like your good old regular plastic debit, credit or prepaid card. Various banks offer various virtual cards with various limits, there’s a lot of research that needs to be done to decide which bank would be the best for you. Alternatively, there are online solutions where you can just buy an anonymous VCC online, like the ones that are available in our shop. These are quick and easy to use and there’s absolutely no setup. Just make the payment for the card and let us set everything up for you. Without the target website knowing your real credit card details they’re unable to make any charges without your consent. If you actually want to make the payment or continue your subscription you can always remove our VCC and attach your real card, letting the website finally get that money they’ve been trying to get from you so vigorously.