Virtual Card Information For New Customers

This is important information regarding virtual cards sold on We kindly ask you to read this before making a purchase on our website to avoid confusion later on. If you are a new customer or haven’t read this yet, please take the time to do so. Information

  • All cards sold on our website are valid for the period of 7 calendar days only, even if the expiry date says otherwise. After this period the cards are no longer usable and we will not be able to assist you with your purchase. More information regarding refunds and replacements can be found on the “Refund Policy” page.
  • Your orders may disappear from your account, so please download them or write down the details of the items that you purchase if you need the information later. This may be useful if a website asks you to verify the last 4 digits of your card. More information about what data we store and for how long can be found on the “Privacy Policy” page.
  • If you purchase from regularly, please take the time to look at the “Other VirtualVCC Stores On The Internet” page. This will make sure you can purchase any items that you need ASAP and no matter what, even if one platform or another is experiencing issues.

Virtual Card Information

  • You can’t use the card to make purchases for an amount more than the card has balance. The cards are not stolen or hacked and we will never sell cards with balance for a price less than the balance it has.
  • Our cards are not for “experiments” or “tests”. We can’t give you a virtual card for free. There is, however, a bounty program that you can take part in to help us and our customers know which websites accept or decline one card or another. If a multiple people take part in it, everyone will benefit as customers will know before hand which virtual card will work for them. There are rewards. Speaking of rewards, you can earn money with us by taking part in our affiliate program.
  • We don’t guarantee our products will work everywhere for anything. Some websites may decline not just your virtual card, but your physical card too. The reasons vary: sometimes it’s because a BIN is blacklisted, sometimes it’s because something is wrong with the way you’re trying to use the card (i.e. the payment gateway or website rates you as high risk) and etc. We don’t know why and we can’t find out why. Your best bet is to contact the payment gateway or the website that you’re trying to use the virtual card on, but it most likely won’t help.

Even more information that you might want to read can be found on the Terms of Service and FaQ pages.