Benefits of using a VCC instead of a real plastic credit or debit card

“We live in a dangerous age” – this is probably something people have heard throughout the entire existence of humanity and it is true. However, the dangers have changed. Modern day things to watch out for have become digital and it can be a serious risk. In previous articles we have described what a VCC is and told you about why you should buy and use them in your everyday life. However, what if you continue using your real data on the worldwide web?

Risks of using your real credit or debit card instead of a virtual credit card


  • Card theft (and you can kiss your money goodbye)
  • Identity theft
  • Unauthorized charges
  • Difficulties in cancelling trials
  • Other fraudulent use of your data

These are the obvious risks. They are short and simple, but you do not want to end up in a situation where you have to worry about it as the damage can be severe.

If you do not give your information to websites and do not use it on the internet there is no way for these websites to misuse or lose your data. Preventing it from happening in the first place is a lot easier than dealing with the consequences. Your credit card is not a toy.

How to make yourself safe while using virtual credit cards

There’s not much to do as long as you’re using a VCC. After you buy one you will get some numbers alike the ones on your credit/debit card. Some websites know that it is not the real deal and might get upset, asking you to add your real card instead, others don’t know, and some others just don’t care. They often can read the details off of your card, so even if you do not provide them your name or address, they might be able to pull it off the card from your bank or card issuer.